How to dry onions

Dried onions are widely used in cooking, regardless of the season.

Dried onion rings or cubes by infrared technology retain and enhance their taste, loose unpleasant bitterness, acquiring a pleasant spicy sweetish aftertaste, and become a fragrant seasoning. Since products dried in infrared drying equipment recover 85-90% of their physical and chemical properties during recovery, dried onions can be used in frying, stewing, boiling, seasoning salads and other dishes.

Also, the finished dried onion mass can be used in the form of a powder.

Any fleshy varieties that have a pronounced flavor and taste are suitable for drying onions.

While preparing onions for drying, we pick up hard, not spoiled onions, peel, cut into rings or cubes. We spread it on a tray and put it in an infrared drying oven. Ready-cooled onions will be fragile.

On infrared drying equipment, you can dry any kind of product to a minimum moisture content for further processing it into powder, while you retain the perfect color, pronounced taste and flavour, all useful substances and vitamins, save drying time and reduce financial costs.

The output of the finished product is 12-18%.

How to dry green onions?

First of all, you need to sort out the onion (remove the spoiled one and check the insects).

Rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towels.

Cut into medium sized rounds.

Place on dryer trays.

Set 60 – 70 °.

Drying in a drying oven takes about 3 hours.

How to properly dry onions?

Spread the chopped onions on the trays.

Turn on the device at 60 degrees.

Wait for about 7 hours.

For drying onions in large volumes, we recommend IR drying equipment.

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