Household drying cabinets

Power consumption
Tray size

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Features of the structure of the ventilation of the drying chamber
Motorized valve

Electric recirculation valve that mixes the air in the drying chamber.

Unique security system
Prevents Human Factors Problems
Security system features

Transparent shockproof doors
The door glass unit is made of tempered glass – which ensures its high strength;

Door security system
When the doors are opened, the heating of the drying chamber is automatically turned off; after the door is closed, the program continues the preset mode and automatically turns on the heating of the chamber;

Magnetic closing doors
In the frame of the drying chamber and doors – neodymium magnets are installed that tightly close the doors;

Fire extinguishing system
The fire extinguishing system consists of nozzles installed on the back wall of the cabinet between all trays. The cabinet is automatically disconnected from the network, after which water is supplied to the nozzles.

Unique security system
Power consumption
Tray size