Infrared Conveyor Dryers
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High performance systems

High performance conveyor systems
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Brief description of drying technology and equipment.

The proposed conveyor unit is designed for drying vegetables and fruits in automatic mode according to the specified parameters

IR technology for drying or moisture removal has a number of significant advantages over traditional convection technology (hot air drying)

1. Economy , i.e. less energy is required to evaporate 1 liter of water (1 kW). Heat rays penetrate into the thickness of the product, up to 10-20 mm, while the product itself and the moisture contained in it are heated. The heating process is several times more intense than when blown with hot air, respectively, and the water turns into steam, very intensively. The ventilation system serves only to remove steam outside the chamber and room.

2. Drying speed . IR technology allows you to remove moisture several times faster at a lower temperature than convection technology.

3. No dust . If a finely dispersed fraction is present in the product, any blowing will lead to dusting and dust ingress into the ventilation system, where, mixed with steam, it will enter the environment. With IR technology, the ventilation system removes clean steam, which does not contain product impurities in the form of dust particles. In this case, the energy of this steam can be used to heat the room in the winter.

4. Uniform heating of the product throughout the entire drying area. On the entire width of the conveyor, the same conditions are created for the product, which makes it possible to get a high-quality product at the exit, not overheated or underdried.

5. Product sterilization . Considering the fact that thermal IR rays pass through the entire thickness of the product, during drying, the process of sterilization occurs automatically, destruction or suppression of various types of bacteria, which in turn improves the quality of the product and eliminates the need for additional sterilization.

It should be noted that the product blowing system is designed in a zonal manner, that is, each belt is a separate climatic zone with adjustable temperature, humidity and air flow rate.

By additional agreement, it is possible to re-equip the heating elements of the drying chamber for another type of energy carrier (natural gas, fuel oil, diesel fuel, etc.). If necessary, some design points can be changed, depending on the specific tasks set by the client (belt cleaning systems, juice outlets, etc.).