Microwave sterilizer (actual)
Microwave Microwave Sterilizer

Our company has developed and introduced into production a microwave sterilizer for finished products. These can be dried mushrooms, dried meat, dried fruits, as well as various liquids such as beer, lemonade, sauces, and more. The advantage of the microwave microwave sterilization method is that practically without heating the product, all pathogenic bacteria die in it.

And not only bacteria, if larvae or any other microorganisms, mold and the like remain in the dried products, microwaves will find and eliminate them. Any microflora will be completely destroyed, even if it is hidden inside the product. At the same time, the product does not have time to heat up significantly and retain its initial qualities. Beer, milk, for example, does not have the unpleasant taste of pasteurization, and without the use of any preservatives, the shelf life of the product is even longer than after pasteurization.

This effect is achieved due to the significant penetration depth of microwave electromagnetic microwaves into the product. In addition, different materials absorb these waves in different ways. Some materials such as quartz glass, for example, are radio-transparent, i.e. microwaves pass through them absolutely without loss, like sunlight through a window glass. There are materials that actively absorb microwaves and naturally the material heats up. We observe this effect when we heat water or soup in the microwave. Several times more microwaves “love” coal, any – stone, wood, it does not matter.

It is precisely this effect of selective heating or absorption of microwaves that allows microorganisms to overheat so much that they die, and at the same time the very environment where these organisms lived does not have time to heat up.
That is, the same milk will be sterilized without heating and will retain the original taste of fresh milk.

Advantages of microwave sterilization

Another of the advantages of microwave sterilization is that products can be sterilized already in a package, bag, bag or glass, plastic container.

After the product is packaged or bottled, the hermetically sealed product is sterilized, the access of new microorganisms is impossible and long-term storage is provided without preservatives.

A very good sterilization effect can also be obtained with infrared equipment, since infrared thermal radiation is also electromagnetic and, like microwave, penetrates deep into the product, only the penetration depth of infrared radiation is less. But the surface of the product is perfectly sterilized by IR radiation, and with a certain time exposure the product is sterilized throughout its depth.

So when drying meat, for example, in an infrared drying chamber, we get, as laboratory studies show, a sterile clean product; after convection drying, meat, as a rule, cannot be stored for a long time. This is not safe because due to the long drying time and the introduced large volume of air (usually containing dust particles, etc.), various microorganisms accumulate on the surface of the meat along with dust, which develop over time and we observe a very dangerous mold. And manufacturers are forced, to extend the shelf life, to add to the meat various preservatives harmful to humans, in large quantities.

Unique technology

На базе СВЧ и ИК технологии мы внедрили в производство несколько различных стерилизаторов шкафного и конвейерного типа.
Широкое применение нашли ИК конвейерные стерилизаторы для какао-веллы
( шелуха какао бобов) а так же какао порошков.

Шкафные СВЧ стерилизаторы применяются для обеззараживания продуктов в упаковке или мешках .
Сейчас находится в производстве СВЧ оборудование для стерилизации пива в потоке, непосредственно перед разливом в бутылку или другую тару.
Более широкое применение СВЧ и ИК технология стерилизации продуктов питания найдет только тогда, когда как можно больше людей, технологов и инженеров просто узнают о существовании таких методов и поймут их преимущества.
Тогда общество получит более полезные и безопасные продукты питания для здорового образа жизни.

Microwave sterilizer


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