Drying vegan/vegetarian/raw biscuits

Vegetarian, vegan and raw food cookies are a trendy, dietary and incredibly healthy treat.

This is a unique replacement for harmful sweets.

These types of cookies contain many useful vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids.

It can be both salty and sweet; be a light snack or become part of a full meal.


Cookies are most often created without eggs and any dairy products. Apart from nuts, fruits or vegetables, there is nothing else.

Infrared drying technology in this case will become an indispensable assistant in creating this amazing dish, namely:

  1. Uniform drying due to the effect of infrared rays directly on the product;
  2. Preservation of all useful substances, vitamins and fatty acids;
  3. Disclosure of all full notes of taste and flavor without any additives, dyes, etc.;
  4. Complete safe sterilization, extending the shelf life and providing protection against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.
  5. The shape and color before and after remain the same.

After drying, the product is immediately ready for packaging or just for consumption.

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