Drying cheese

Cheese is an exceptional product among all dairy products.

Cheese contains milk proteins, milk fat, mineral salts, vitamins and organic acids, so its nutritional value is very high.


Cheese among all fermented milk products has the longest shelf life, but still, no matter how long it is stored, spoilage cannot be avoided. The solution to this problem: infrared drying technology.


Infrared rays directly affect the cheese without destroying its structure.

In this case, drying occurs as evenly as possible, without giving preference to the surface layer of the cheese, in which, usually, during vacuum drying, for example, moisture is removed first.


Infrared drying technology preserves as much as possible all the useful substances, trace elements and fats of the product without changing its shape and color.

Also, the cheese becomes even more aromatic and more characteristic in taste. And IR rays completely sterilize the product, extending its shelf life and providing protection against harmful microorganisms.


After drying, the cheese can be immediately packaged for use as a snack or as an additive to various dishes or as a cheese concentrate in the food industry.


Output of finished products: 68%.

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