Offal drying

Offal – internal organs and parts of the carcass, with the exception of meat, which are approved for retail sale in stores and markets.


Dried Offal is a natural treat for dogs.

How to improve the quality of this product and make it useful for a long time?

The answer is infrared drying technology.

Infrared drying technology allows you to brighten the taste and flavor of the product, without adding salt, preservatives, color fixatives, etc.

Dried offal fully retain their useful qualities, shape and color.


Infrared rays directly affect the product, which makes drying as even as possible.

IR rays completely sterilize the product, extending its shelf life and protecting it from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.


All types of offal can be dried: tongue, liver, kidneys, brains, heart, beef udder, diaphragm, meat and bone tails, etc. After drying, offal is ready for packaging.

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