Drying maggots

Maggot is a blowfly larvae, which in processed dried form is used as feed for domestic and farm animals, birds, and is also used as an additive as a pure protein for sports nutrition.

Infrared drying technology preserves all the beneficial substances of maggots and does not damage their structure.

IR rays dry the product as evenly as possible without leaving any areas wet or dry.

1 kg of dried maggot contains 3 times more larvae than 1 kg of live weight, while the price remains almost unchanged.

At the same time, the nutritional value of the dry product is higher, since all the benefits are preserved and the period of which is long: infrared drying technology completely sterilizes the product, thereby extending the shelf life and protecting it from harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Dried maggots grounded into flour, which is used for the various purposes  (food, food supplement), as well as for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.

Maggot flour is used as the most valuable biohumus, which can be used in crop production.





Пророщенная пшеница Drying germinated wheat


Sprouted wheat is a wealth of useful vitamins and trace elements for human body.


Wheat germs perform a cleansing function in the human body. They dissolve gluten, which is formed in the intestines, and protect against the occurrence of a dangerous disease – cancer.

In addition, cereal grains are a source of zinc, vitamin E, and vegetable fiber, which are necessary for cell regeneration and normalization of the gastrointestinal process.

This is perhaps the most powerful nutritional supplement that should be in the diet of every person.


Drying of germinated wheat is carried out in order to prepare the product for further use for the specified purposes.

For example, grinding in order to obtain flour.


In the process of this preparation, the most important thing is not to destroy and not lose all the benefits of the composition of wheat, otherwise there will simply be no point in using it. Infrared drying equipment successfully copes with this task.


When drying, none of the vitamins and trace elements die, the color and shape of the product remain unchanged. The flavor and taste become more intense.


The most difficult and important step in working with germinated wheat is drying.

The grinding stage becomes confident and calm, thanks to the professional work of infrared drying equipment.

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