InfraRed Basic 10

Infrared drying ovens provide an opportunity to preserve the attractive appearance of the product and its useful properties. Infrared radiation helps to destroy foreign microorganisms and prevent their appearance, ensuring a long shelf life of the product. Dryers have from 10 trays.

We offer cabinet-type industrial dryers with infrared emitters. The use of modern and high-quality drying equipment guarantees a high-quality demanded product and further business development.

Our stainless steel drying ovens have temperature sensors. Infrared emitters are located at the top and bottom of the structure to ensure even drying. Dryers are also equipped with moisture sensors.
Blowing is carried out by a fan with reversible air circulation. Thanks to the frequency converter, you can choose the air flow rate, depending on the quality of the processed product.

The oven is programmed so that the heat is distributed evenly and directly onto the food. Thus, the cabinet does not “heat the air”, which affects the speed of the process and the cost of the energy expended on it.

Unlike conveyor dryers, our infrared ovens are mobile and come ready-to-use – just plug the dryer into electricity.

Raw product performance

До 500 kg/day

Installed capacity

5 kW

Average power consumption

4 kWh

Drying time of the product in the chamber

From 1 to 3*

Capacity of trays in the chamber

10 standard trays

Lot size

600х600 mm

Camera weight (excluding trays)

150 кg


1620 мм


850 мм


1080 мм


Iron doors, conventional controls

Additional tools for drying equipment